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Let’s talk about your menstrual cycle. 

It’s so much more than just your period and I’m here to teach you how to use that to your advantage. Our menstrual cycles are so much more than the week we’re bleeding and we have unique strengths and weaknesses that go along with each phase.

If you ever found yourself asking:

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I be more consistent?

How can I not be so miserable during my period?

I’ve never understood my menstrual cycle...

Then this is the course for you!

I cover the ins and outs of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, how to track those phases, and what books to read. I provide you with menstrual-phase specific meditations to get you into working with your cycle, along with meal and exercise ideas! This course will help you build trust with your body so you can live your best life embracing your cyclical nature.

There is real potential to utilize hormone fluctuations to be more specific and precise about optimizing everything in your life. Each week of the month means different strengths and weaknesses both emotionally and physically and tapping into this superpower isn’t just for professional athletes anymore.

While we’re at it, I’d love to talk more about how to make your period more manageable, provide resources for additional help and ultimately help you work with your body instead of against it!

What this course IS:

  • Learning about how to work WITH your menstrual cycle and all of it’s different phases.
  • Learning to see and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of each phase.
  • Food and exercise suggestions based on the phases of your cycle.
  • A great place to start on your journey to finding inner peace and living cyclically.

What this course is not:

  • Teaching the Fertility Awareness Method (using your cycle as birth control)

I want this!

This audio course includes a written guide with worksheets, fridge charts, meditations and everything you need to live your best cyclical life!

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I want this!